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  • Samuel Dylan Trendler King

    Samuel Dylan Trendler King

    Machine Learning | Data Science | Climate Change



    Empowering all doctors to provide the best possible care. Join our team:

  • Nick Butcher

    Nick Butcher

    Android designer + developer @ Google

  • Menia


    Passionate venture builder | Driven to create impact — through strong teams, products that deliver value and investments

  • Thijs Suijten

    Thijs Suijten

    Proud father of two beautiful girls • Q'er @Q42. nerd • Android • Kotlin • fpv-drones • series • games

  • Luca Nicoletti

    Luca Nicoletti

    🤖 Android Engineer since 4.0.3, 💼 currently @BabylonHealth 📖 Reader 🧠 Seek knowledge 🏃‍♂️ Fitness lover 🍝 Food lover

  • Leland Richardson

    Leland Richardson

  • Elye


    Sharing Software Development Experience, focus on Mobile.

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