How can companies and leaders shape inclusive communities

Bring more Women in Leadership

We all know that seeing is believing. Representation plays a huge part in attracting women into IT. Even better if the leaders are women. As Sheryl Sandberg mentions in her book Lean In, women’s leaders can relate and empathise with women’s problems. You can’t build a company without realising a specific person’s or groups’ needs are left out.

  1. Managers ensure people are heard
  2. Sponsorship & Allyship
  3. Mentorship against unconscious bias and inclusion
  4. Transparency and promotions
  5. Unconscious biases Trainings and Education
  6. Check-ins with people from minority groups
  7. Provide a safe place for team members to open up
  8. Take action and react appropriately to inappropriate behaviour
  9. Include women by design
  10. Speak up: Escalate in timely and constructive manner
  11. Focused groups for support
  12. Celebrate ethnicities, culture and languages



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