How To Get Better At Programming

Everybody needs help, don’t hesitate to ask

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You might have noticed attending a lecture was way more effective while learning than reading yourself. Pair programming is one of the fastest way to upskill and cross pollinate knowledge.


Initially, when you start with a problem probably you have no idea that problem existed or how to solve it. This is a state of — Unconscious Incompetence.

Work Smart [Not Hard]

You need to develop strategies and methods to learn effectively. So working smartly and making the most of your work time is the best way to go about it. Working hard is overrated. You don’t need to burn the midnight oil to achieve your goals. Set small achievable goals that aren’t overwhelming.


Join a community. Talk to people about you goals. Network, attend events and ask how someone can help you achieve your goals. In return offer your help with something they need support. Community is all about helping each other and people are all the more happy to help if approached.



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